Arcade Games

Coming late September, Kidoolo will feature some of the top arcade games in our game lounge. Come score some extra fun.

Laser Tag

A themed immersive experience transports players to the exciting streets of New York City. With the latest laser tag technology and ultra-light weight vests and phasers, up to 16 players can enjoy a game and light up the action and adventure. Contact us for open Laser Tag play times beginning Nov. 2016.

$14 for 30minutes
$25 for 1 hour

Video Games

We have the perfect room from the beginner or avid gamer. Our ultimate video game room has eight Samsung 4k Ultra HD TVs that provide the best graphics, a choice of the XBox One or Play Station 4 consoles, and a wide selection of current, popular video games. Come get your game on!

Dance Floor + Interactive Floor

Nothing says a good time like a dance party! Our dance floor + disco ball create the scene that kids can rock out to. Also, the floor becomes interactive with a variety of games like soccer, hockey and many more.